Nulls Brawl with New Brawler Angelo and Melodie

Nulls Brawl new update!! Some new features have been added in this update. New features is 2 New Brawler, Skins, Mods, Maps, and more.

New Brawler

  • Angelo
  • Melodie



Angelo is the first new brawler in this update joining willow’s trio. This brawler lives in a swampy love tunnel at starr park and loves gossiping about brawlers to make them fight each other. Angelo is a sharpshooter, and the longer you hold the aim, the stronger the attacks get. Besides that, Angelo can also hover over water like a mosquito. with his super, Angelo summons a part of the swamp, and it damages all the enemies inside.



Melodie is a Mythic Brawler. she’s a popular karaoke singer at starr park and has some mood swings. sometimes she’s sweet and delicate as a rose and sometimes harsh as its thorns. She’s an assassin that has a long-range attack that deals moderater damage. She gets a musical note around her. she can have up to three musical notes around her and they gradually disappear after some times. Once she charges, super she gets three dashes.

New Hypercharges

  • Cordelius
  • buzz
  • El Primo
  • Belle
  • sprout and more.

New Skins

  • Shelly Dancer
  • Dynasty mike
  • Thief Edgar
  • Desert Scorpion Chuck
  • Line Friends skins
  • Ragnarök skins and more.

New Brawl pass

New Brawl Pass season#24 is Sands of time.

New Events

  • Hypercharge unleashed
  • Trophy Escape
  • Ranked

Power league is Dead. and ranked is alive. Ranked is the new competitive mode replacing Power League.

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