Download Nulls Brawl 49.194 With New Brawler Maisie

Nulls brawl update! New Brawl pass Rumble jungle the rescue. as always, this update includes new chromatic brawler Maisie and Epic brawler Hank. And have New skins and more feature add.


New chromatic brawler Maisie

Maisie is a safety assistant at the Starr Theatre. She ensures nobody gets hurt in Brawly wood’s movie productions. especially when it comes to buster and fang, as they are always in some sort of trouble. she has a love-hate relationship with them and is pretty much the big sister.

Maisie’s main attack, pressure rocket, is a single projectile that starts slow but then accelerates. it has a log range, medium damage and medium size projectiles.

Maisie is shooting the ground and creates shockwave former supper, dealing damage and knocking back other brawler around her. it’s quite powerful and it doesn’t get active immediately. but of course, if you’re close by, there’s likely no escape.

Rumble jungle heroes skin:

  1. bananas Colt
  2. leopard max
  3. panther max
  4. crocodile buster
  5. jaguar spirit mag

Legends of Olympus skin:

  1. cerberus tick
  2. ares nani
  3. zeus brock

Other Skin:

  1. goblin carl
  2. leon the stray
  3. kaiju buzz
  4. bubblegum bibi
  5. blackbird edgar
  6. harajuku emz
  7. dragon kinght jessie
  8. shadow kinght jessie
  9. red dragon jessie

Other updates

remove star points and new currency.
is a new currency that replaces star point. it will allow you to buy most cosmetic items in the game. simple as that. it will allow your to buy most cosmetic items in the games . And you can bling from similar places like star points, before.
but we’ve heavily redistributed the weight of bling from different sources. your accumulated star points will be converted to bling at the update. the end screen now features stats. and you’ll be able to give kudos to other players on the same screen.

Old Event is Back!

Download Nulls Brawl 49.194

The new update will be available.

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