Nulls Brawl with Cordelius and Doug Download

This brawl pass season #19 name is Enchanted Woods. If you want to unlock New Cordelius brawler BS then you have to complete 30 steps then it will be unlocked. Or if you want to unlock through NB then it will be unlocked in just one click and its free.



This is chromatic brawler. This is the 19th character of Brawl Pass. He attacks with two Masums. They deal quite a lot of damage, but their range is short. to make up for the short range, he’s a very fast brawler and and he can also charge his super by being next to the opponents.



Doug is the newest member of the Velocirapids water park, and he’s the most chill and friendly dinosaur you an meet. That’s because he can heal everyone around him with his main attack. The closer you are to this, the more you get healed.

New Skins

  • spore-mind Cordelius
  • Draco Doug
  • Haunted House 8-Bit
  • Stone Troll Lou
  • Wood Spirit Chester
  • Dark Fairy Janet, and more..

New Box is Starr Drops. Every day, you can collect 3 Starr Drops. to get them, you need to win matches ,any kind of matches, you get 1 Drop after your first win, another one on the 4th and the last one on the 8th win of the day.

Other Changes

Payload is back with some changes. now you can move and attack through the cart.

Takedown and wipeout are also back, based on the results of our in-game poll.

More options on how to complete a quest.

Download Nulls brawl

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