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Pearl: is the new chromatic Brawler of their season. Pearl will go after you with the anger of a thousand burning cookies. she spreads a series of cookies in medium range.
Main attack: Hot Cookies.


For her Super, she quickly explodes and knocks back everything within a short radius around her.

What’s different about Pearl is that she has this heat bar. The higher the heat inside her oven, the hotter her cookies will be, and so, the higher the damage! The heat bar keeps charging while you are not attacking, and when it’s complete, she overheats causing max damage with both her Main and Super attack

What’s New?

  • New Brawler
    • Pearl
    • Chuck
  • New Skins
    • periscope Pearl
    • vintage Pearl
    • scorpion willow
    • Marauder Maisie
    • raider cordelius
    • Rodeo Hank
    • Nerd Squeak
  • Hypercharge New Power.

Chuck: used to be an orchestra conductor before he joined Starr Park, and now, he is still a conductor, but for trains! The darkness and the weird noises from the Ghost Station inspire his music while he travels between stops.


He shoots a cloud of hot steam from his hat with his main attack, and it can hit the target three times. And his Super is really different! He can throw train signs on the floor, and then he dashes between them.

What is Hypercharge?

Hypercharge makes your Super attack more powerful and your Brawler generally stronger, but it’s only for a short while. To get your Brawler Hypercharged, you have to fill another bar in-battle that appears around the new Hypercharge button.

Anything that normally charges the Super also charges the Hypercharge bar, but takes longer.

Download Corner.

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