Nulls Brawl With New Brawler R-T And Willow Download

Nulls Brawl New Update! Nulls Brawl Pass season 17. This brawl pass name is Mystery at the Hub. This season New Brawler is R-T and Other brawler is willow. and more update.

What is New?

New Brawler

  1. R-T
  2. Willow

New Skin

  1. Crimson R-T
  2. Patrol R-T
  3. El Mayordomo
  4. Alleycat bull
  5. Mariposa piper
  6. Detective Grey
  7. Detective Grey Noir Edition
  8. kitsune lola
  9. Otis oni
  10. tengu mike
  11. Bell nani
  12. sultan carl
  13. popster janet
  14. spirit knight frank
  15. Tanuki jessie
  16. summer jessie
  17. bunny penny
  18. dark penny.

New Brawler R-T

Nulls Brawl R-T
R-T Brawler

R-T is the newest chromatic brawler. He’s surveillance robot helping to actually solve: The Mystery at the Hub. R-T has eyes and ears on everting that happens at star park. He can access all of the star park’s hidden cameras.

When marked, the target will get more damage any attack going their way. once the target gets damaged, the markets removed. it’s also possible to mark multiple targets simultaneously.

For his super, R-T splits in two, so his lags stay wherever the super was used, Then you control his upper body. R-T’s attack then changes to a circle area around him and every time r-t’s supper body attacks, the lower half will do the same. So you can control two zones at the same time! and when you use the super again, r-t will return to his assembled mode and heal himself.

New Brawl willow

willow Brawler

willow is a mythic brawler and part of a new trio. She’s the guardian of the tunnel of love, hitch is the swamp area next to mortis mortuary. willow manipulates people with the things they love. She throws her lantern at her targets, and they work similarly to barley’s attack. Except that when they hit there target, they deliver poison damage over time.

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