Download Nulls brawl Ash 37.238

We updated Null’s Brawl as fast as we canto version 38.222 with Ash!

Little maintenance was in Null’s Brawl to add new feature: Showdown+! For each kill you get +10 trophies and -10 for death.

  • Also there are another interesting changes:
  • Changed event rotation, added 2 event slots (special for solo-modes & 2 slots for new game modes)
  • Fixed missing event slot textures
  • Added new modifiers for Showdown & Takedown
  • Yet another attempts to make matchmaking better
  • Play again button won’t be available if there are multiple same brawlers in the team
  • Various fixes in battles
  1. This night we did maintenance break in Null’s Brawl for bug-fix.
  2. What’s new:
  3. Strange second Squeak skin was removed
  4. Returned second Lou gadget
  5. Temporary disable second Gale gadget (we haven’t done it yet)
  6. Returned some gamemodes which were missing by mistake (King Protection, Trophy Thieves)
  7. Fixed some issues with additional content loading (that caused game to download patch every login)
  8. Fixed a bug that caused required trophies could not be saved properly
  9. Brawl Pass was updated to Season 8 (but it still don’t work)
  10. Changed minimum trophies for season reset from 9999 to 10000 in season info popup
  11. Fixed Ash rage charging by his super
  12. STU gadget was updated
  13. Fixed a bug of skinning Ninja Ash attack animation for 1st & 2nd rage levels
  14. First Jacky star power won’t trigger from star power from another Jacky and from damage in Graveyard shift modifier also
  15. Fixed bug that caused pets or objects be spawned in walls
  16. Fixed issues with ball in the BrawBall
  17. Fixed new Gene gadget
  18. Fixed a bug with special bar of second gadget Nani (it stucked when Nani takes some damage)
  19. Byron and Bibi now can use their gadgets even when they have full HP
  20. Fixed some gadgets & star powers that affect attack effects: now it won’t trigger to pets and turrets.
  21. And may be something else, that I missed

Important Null’s Brawl update: Brawl Pass reward claiming implemented! Rewards are restored after game restart, so you can collect them every time.

We tried to make boxes drop to be more like one in original BS. Leave a comment if you think it can be improved even more in some way.

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